Our pricing is based upon years of experience and our economy in this day and age. We try to provide the very highest quality in Photographic Services for the lowest possible price.

For typical Photographic Services, we have a simple and cost effective system for all.

We use Session Fee's set at reasonable rates and are charged by the hour or down to 30 minute segments. All Session Fee's are due at scheduling or at the time of Service. Prints are then viewed (proofed) and purchased at one of our Professional Color Labs SECURE Web Sites. You will be given the Web Address and password at the time of the Session - nobody will be able to view your Photographs unless you give them the address and password.

Portrait Sessions ************************ $60.00 per 30 minutes

Portrait Sessions ************************ $100.00 per hour

Designer Portrait Sessions **************** $80.00 per 30 minutes

Designer Portrait Sessions **************** $140.00 per hour

Product Photography ******************** Contact us

Special Event Photography *************** Contact us

Wedding Photography * Minimum $1500.00 * Contact us 

All other Photographic Services *********** Contact us 

Please note, this schedule of fee's only include the actual Photography, they do not in any way include any prints or other services. Additional editing can be purchased at additional cost, normal editing will be provided at no additional cost (i.e., red eye reduction). Printing, Framing and canvas stretching is provided by a third party and is not a part of our services.     

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